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Silvery Blue Sky

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on February 10, 2009

I thought I would share with you what our sky has looked like full of rain clouds. I thought this view was very pretty. I like the contrast of the silvery blue and white clouds.  I took many shots but this is my favorite. I like to use the manual setting on my camera to try different exposures, apertures, etc.  and see what happens. I have been learning a lot. The main thing I have learned is that I will never use the automatic settings again! Those settings tend to blow out a lot of the image. I always seem to bracket down one-half  to one stop to get the exposure I want.


A gorgeous sky getting ready to rain…?

It is beautiful today. Very sunny and not a cloud in the sky! It changes so fast – it will change back to rain by the end of the week. There was a full moon last night – did you see it? I didn’t take any pictures of it this month. Maybe next month I will try again up in the mountains. The dogs are playing outside right now. They are barking alot and that is what they do when they run around chasing each other. What a life they have!


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