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Geranium Leaf

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on February 8, 2009

It seems that I have been photographing a lot of flowers and foliage lately. But they have been so pretty from all of the fresh rain. Nature is so beautiful and after a nice rain, it is irresistible. Plus there has been no bright sunlight to create shadows and textures! This leaf has a lot of nice texture. I used my +4 close-up filter so there is only a small area on the tip of the leaf that is in focus. Isn’t the orange color pretty? This particular plant is not blooming right now.


Geranium leaf of many colors…

We are still dealing with rain here today. There is so much snow up at GVL. I wish we were there sitting on the couch looking out the front window. We may go up later in the week. I do not have a class next Saturday, so we could go after class Wednesday night or Thursday morning. It all depends on the weather! I like to look at rain and snow but I am not crazy about driving in it! Stay warm and dry!



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