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Another Rainy Day

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on February 6, 2009

Well, we had another day of rain here in Surf City! It looks like it should rain through the week-end.  I was going out this morning to take a daytime photo for my Saturday morning class when I saw this flower. It is kind of a water logged rose which will probably not bloom much more.  There is just a hint of sunlight on a few of the leaves and a splatter of raindrops too. I like it.


A rain-soaked rose…

I have another assignment that I need to complete for my Tuesday night photography class. The problem is, I need bright sunlight and shadows for one part of it. There is not too much of that around here right now. Last Wednesday was the only day with bright sun and I was out of the area all day. The HB Pier web cam was not working earlier today. Maybe the rain is affecting the cameras. The GVL one is working just fine so you can check out the new snow up there! Have a good week-end and I hope you have time to look at some of my photographs.



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