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This Building Caught My Eye

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on February 4, 2009

I went to lunch with my broker today to discuss some new business possibilities. It was beneficialarchitecture_20090204_4150 for both of us. I was leaving the parking lot when I saw some new construction across the street. It looked very unusual. The roofs look like ski slopes! It was sheet metal with holes which cast polka dot shadows over the front of all the storefronts. I liked both of these photos even though the small one is just a snapshot.


Storefronts under construction…

It looks like my photography class on Tuesday night is going to be great! The instructor said it will be more technical than creative. That is what I need. I know my camera (Canon 20D) very well, but it will be great to be given assignments to try new settings, etc. Plus, I will get credit for this weblog. We are supposed to take at least one new photo per day and that is what I am doing here!  I will be busy but it will be a great semester. I have my advanced web design class tonight!



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