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Isn’t This Amazing?

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on February 3, 2009

As I was looking at this cactus this morning I was amazed at what I saw. It has all of these perfect little concentric circles with needles forming a perfect design. Nature is a very amazing thing, isn’t it? Such symmetry! Things like this are all around us and we never notice them. What is that saying? Oh, yes – be sure to stop and smell the roses. We need to pay attention to them.


A common form in nature…

I took this photo in bright sunlight with a close-up filter of +2. It almost looks like it was taken at night with a flash! I have my first assignment to complete for the travel photography class. I will work on it later today.  Kyla and Donnan are enjoying the nice weather playing outside. I am completely stumped. I do not know what to write here. Maybe I should give this up – my life is too uneventful for a weblog.



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