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Very Colorful Cactus

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on January 6, 2009

I took this photograph of some cactus in my backyard. I had not photographed them before.  After looking at it, I thought I would play around with some filters and make them more colorful.  I think it came out very pretty and colorful. Those needles coming out are very long and very sharp – they hurt a lot! We have had this cactus for many, many years, along with several others. I believe I have shown you some of the other ones. I like to go in the backyard and walk around to see what I would like to photograph.


Beautiful, colorful, but dangerous cactus…

I have been wanting to go up to Knott’s Berry Farm. They have some nice little shops you can walk around and there is one store where they sell  all of the jams, jellies, etc. I love their apricot/pineapple jam and it is the only place where I can find it.  They make a good steak relish. The shops are outside of the main entrance. Maybe we can go this afternoon. If we do go, I will take my camera with me. Today is Shelley’s birthday. Larry asked me to make a cheesecake that we will take to her this evening. Oh well – I won’t bore you any further.


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