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A Little Surprise With Dinner

Posted in Family, Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on January 2, 2009

I was preparing our “traditional” New Year’s Day dinner when I saw this sitting on my kitchen counter. It was very eye catching and I thought it would make a nice image for today’s post. I am happy with the results. It proves how many beautiful, unusual things are just sitting around. We need to notice these little gems and appreciate their beauty. I took some photos yesterday afternoon and worked on a couple of them. But I was not happy with the results. When I got up this morning I took this one and I am happy with it. I am sure you know what it is.


This celery heart looks like a beautiful flower…

Our dinner was absolutely delicious! I cooked a brisket (roasted then braised) and made beef dip sandwiches on crusty french rolls with some baby swiss cheese (very creamy) and a touch of Philippe’s mustard (very hot!). I also made some potato salad. It was not a fancy meal but it was delicious! Kyla and Donnan got a special little treat also.  Willie is my number one source of  happiness. This weblog takes a lot of time each day and he  enjoys looking at it. He gives me a lot of feed back that I always listen to. He is my number one critic!


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