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Things I Love to See in Photography

Posted in Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on December 31, 2008

This photograph has many of the elements I love that can be found in photography. It has contrast, it has angles, it has shadows and it has a lot of texture. It does not have a lot of depth of field, but that is alright. It is just a simple wood retaining wall with some kind of ground cover growing on the top and down. I hope you can see what I see and appreciate the elements I am referring to.


Texture, shadows, angles and contrast…

Willie didn’t think I should post this photo today. I think because it looks similar to another one I have already shared with you. I know it is a very simple photograph, but it is my weblog! We have no plans for tonight (New Year’s Eve). I wanted to go out for a nice dinner but never made any reservations. We can have a nice dinner at home together. Maybe we will be able to see some fireworks. I know we will hear them from Disneyland – every night at 9:30!  Have a safe New Year’s Eve and a fun New Year’s day!



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