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Fresh Fruit in December

Posted in Huntington Beach, Personal by Bridget Casas on December 30, 2008

This is a photo of one of our accomplishments in 2008. Last February we purchased two small dwarf fruit trees – a tangerine and a lime. Willie took such good care of them that less than one year later they are loaded with fruits and buds. We have a lemon tree also but it is many, many years old. I told him that we should get a plum tree. I think that would be a good addition and I know Willie would really like it. Anyway, I know it is not much but it is fun to watch them change over time.


Flourishing fruit in Southern California…

Willie is not too impressed with my photo but he would not put them next to each other for me so I could get a better photograph! The dogs don’t mess with them much any more since they have been here for a while. We got an email from Larry and Shelley this morning. They are in Iverness and it is VERY cold! Have a good day and enjoy the rest of the year. What will my last photo of the year be? I do not know yet – but you (and I) will find out tomorrow! I will also get my December 2008 Photo Gallery posted.



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