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Surf City, Huntington Beach

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on December 20, 2008

Willie and I went for a ride and ended up down on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) as the sun was low in the late afternoon sky. This statue represents the epitome of Surf City, don’t you think? We even have our own Surfing Museum. There were a lot of people down by the beach.  After the rain the other day it was so beautiful, plus, Friday is street market day.


Beautiful Surf City silhouette…

The dogs spent most of the day outside yesterday enjoying the sun. They did a lot of running around and barking – that’s what dogs do, isn’t it? I think Willie wants to make some more pork tamales. I guess we will go get the groceries today. Larry and Shelley leave on Tuesday for Scotland – I am so happy for them! We will miss them on Christmas, but, that’s ok – they’ll be here next year. Have a good week-end!


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