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Beautiful Trees at GWC

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography, School by Bridget Casas on December 14, 2008

They have the most beautiful trees at Golden West College! I took this one early Saturday morning before the swap meet or any other traffic arrived. The ground was damp from the morning fog and dew that had just lifted. If I had gotten there a little earlier, I could have photographed the fog too. I am showing it in black and white so there will be no distractions from the green grass and red curbs. I have another tree from GWC posted at 10/365.


It still has not rained around here but there is a lot of snow up in the mountains. I am anxious to hear from Larry to see how much snow there is and I am sure they took some pictures. I have a lot to do today so I better get busy and get my pork cooked for the tamales and some fudge made for Larry and to take to my friend Gayle tomorrow. My new calendars should arrive tomorrow. It will be a busy week!



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