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For a Busy Saturday

Posted in Family, Huntington Beach, Personal, Photography by Bridget Casas on December 13, 2008

We were not able to go shopping yesterday – Willie was still not feeling well enough. He wanted to rest for another day. I did not plan any other photo so I decided to share with you a few more of my family’s finds as they were out hiking. I know the two in the back are from my grandmother out in the desert and the front one Willie found. Don’t the back ones look like little birds or ducks?


Beautiful, special family treasures…

I have a busy week-end. I have to do the grocery shopping and all the prep for making tamales on Monday. Plus I have to work on some Christmas photos I took for my friends. I want to go to a dance recital on Sunday afternoon to take photographs. Willie spoke with Larry and it snowed a little this morning in the mountains and got very foggy. Sorry for my late post today!


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  1. bookbabie said, on December 13, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    Neat photo, enjoyed your blog and work:)

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