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Photo 100 of 365!

Posted in Huntington Beach, Photography by Bridget Casas on December 11, 2008

I was outside in the back late yesterday afternoon and I looked up in the blue sky and saw the moon shining very brightly. There were some pretty whispy white clouds and an airplane flew in front of the moon. I thought it would make a nice photograph. I went into the house to get my camera. Of course, the airplane was gone but there were some seagulls flying by. I know it is not that special but I thought it came out nicely. I wish you could see more clouds.


Beautiful late afternoon…

The moon rose early yesterday at 2:47 in the afternoon. It will be full on the 12th – you can see in the photo that it is not quite there yet.  The dogs played outside a lot today. Willie was out there and they love to be out there with him. They couldn’t care less about me. He is the “fun parent.” I was able to reorder my calendars today from Shutterfly (at no charge), so I was glad for that. I am very glad school is over. I have about a month and a half of freedom. Hard to believe this is my 100th photo I have posted here! Willie just told me congratulations!


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