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Is There a Dog Groomer Available?

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on December 8, 2008

Look at my two little babies! They look like orphans who live on the street and eat out of trash cans. I brushed Kyla some on Saturday night (like I’ve said, I have a very exciting life) but it has been a few days for Donnan. They have so much hair! Willie doesn’t want me to cut it but I do not recall ever seeing a brush in his hand. They had been outside running around and drinking water when I brought them in and decided to try to take a photo. It was hard to get them to be still.


Are they not precious…?

I had to postpone the Christmas photos I was doing last night. Willie has a very bad cold that is going into his chest. I didn’t want to leave him alone and anyway, he is my Sherpa on photo shoots so I need him there! He slept most of the day so I hope he will be better today. I just worked on my Flash project some more and did some reading. Another week begins and it is getting so close to Christmas! Have a good week!



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