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Perfect Leaves For the Season

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on December 7, 2008

Donnan and I went for a walk yesterday.  He has insecurity issues for some strange reason.  He is afraid of other people and dogs. We treat him exactly the same as Kyla and she loves everyone. It must be a personality thing. Anyway, there were a couple of soccer games going on at the school so I thought it would give him a chance to be around a lot of people and especially kids. He gave off a few grunts, but all in all, he was very good. Willie always has both of them on a walk  so it is a lot harder to work with just one of them. He did real good today.  Anyway, we found these leaves on our venture.


Beautiful Christmas leaves…

I thought the colors were very appropriate for the season. When we got home, I photographed them in our backyard. I used my Canon 50mm lens. I have had it for a while but have not used it. Willie has used it some. I am happy with the results. I am used to a zoom lens so today I had to move myself instead of the lens. The sun was still out so I got some good shadows. I wish now that I had gotten three leaves. Don’t decorators say you should do things in odd numbers? I should have applied that to this image.  Next time!



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