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Rocks and Sandstone

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on December 6, 2008

The rocks and stones in this pot have been collected over at least 40 years. Many members of my family have been rock collectors. Willie is always giving me a rock from where ever we go. Larry has collected many rocks and shells over the years from places he has been.  My grandmother used to live in the desert (she died in the 1980’s) and she was always coming up with an interesting find. But my mother had a special talent for finding the most beautiful rocks and shells. I already showed you the one from Graystones, Ireland, and there are many more I have “inherited.”


These are just a few of the beautiful rocks we have…

I saw these in a pot yesterday in the backyard. We keep them up high (so the dogs don’t get to them) and again, it is one of those things you walk by every day until you see it a little differently and decide to photograph it. I do enjoy photographing things right in my own back yard. There are many, many more. We have a big flat rock Willie and Larry used to use to dive into the pool. It is our “cliffs of Acapulco rock.”  Larry has it somewhere for safe keeping. I am glad he cares about some of these silly things – but I guess that is part of being a family. Have a good week-end!


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