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Visiting Central Park

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on December 2, 2008

Willie took the dogs to the park today for a walk so I thought I would tag along with my camera. I believe I have photographed these trees before, but not for you to see. It was another beautiful day here in Huntington Beach. I do not think it can get much nicer than here! The dogs thoroughly enjoyed their walk – though Donnan barks at everyone. For some reason, he is insecure and shy. We really need to work on that. I watch many of the dog training shoes like The Dog Whisperer and It’s Me or the Dog. I have learned a lot from them. Dogs 101 had Wheatens in their line-up the other day!


I kind of got off the subject – whatever that was. Anyway, I added a special infrared filter to this image and I like the look.  It looked good before the filter, but I wanted to make it pop. I worked on my Flash project yesterday afternoon. I am getting there – it is just taking a long time. I am going to go to class on Wednesday evening for a pot luck and for some extra help. I registered for classes for next semester. I am such a glutton for punishment!



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