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Let The Holidays Begin!

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on November 27, 2008

Aren’t these pretty poinsettias? They arrived on our front porch last evening while I was at school. There was no card, no nothing. No one knocked or rang the doorbell. Willie said he heard something, went to the door, and there they were. He didn’t see anyone either. I called Larry and they were not from him. I called a friend (the only one who has ever sent me flowers!) but I was just able to leave a message.  What a mystery!


Gorgeous red poinsettias for the holidays…

Well, I made some carrot salad and some fudge yesterday to take to my brother’s today. There will be so much traffic!  We are going out to breakfast a little later this morning with Larry, Shelley and my father-in-law, Lorenzo, down by the beach at the Hyatt. I have a question:  If I sharpen an image that has a lot of grain, am I just sharpening the grain? or is it making it less grainy? Have a great Thanksgiving day!


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