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Blossoming Chive Plant

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on November 19, 2008

I was surprised when I went outside and saw these purple flowers on my chive plant. I guess it is because the weather has been so warm. The purple flowers are so beautiful. I remember the first time I saw them a few years ago – I didn’t know they bloomed like that! It seems that when the herbs produce flowers, they kind of die away for a while. I guess they go to seed? Basil has some pretty flowers too.


Beautiful, delicate purple flowers…

We are still working to get the fountain running. Willie got it all apart but we need to go buy a tall stick to put the solar panel on. It has to always be in the sun or it will stop working. Our back yard does face south so that will be an advantage, especially next summer.  I worked on getting my layout and photos ready for my Flash project. We watched Gavin and Stacey last night and it seems we missed one or two episodes. I don’t know how we can see them now!  ’till tomorrow!



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