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Frank Monise Motors

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on November 15, 2008

We were up at the shop yesterday to check out the work being done on my MGB. They have made so many changes there since my father died five years ago. I took a lot of photos because I am going to use them to create a website for my final project for my Flash class.  It made me think about some photos I took years ago. I always enjoyed looking at this wall of decals. There were many more added after this photo was taken but they are all gone now. My brother says it is still there, just covered up with new drywall.


I miss this colorful wall with so much history…

They have done so much work and the place looks great – it is just different. There are some things that have not changed and those things make me feel good. We took both dogs with us up there. They did very well, but they like to go in the car. Kyla more so than Donnan. It was hot in Pasadena yesterday- in the low 90’s. That is so crazy for November 14th!



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