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Some Photos Work, Some Don’t

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on November 9, 2008

Well, I am somewhat disappointed with this photograph. The angle is all wrong and there is something missing from what I am trying to convey. I guess this is an example of the downfall of posting a new photo each day. The time is not always there for me to figure out what I need to do to create what I want. It is not the first one that didn’t work and it will not be the last. Well, thank you for your tolerance.


Not even worth a caption……

It is Sunday morning and a very windy day here. I will check out the Pier Camera and see what is going on down at the beach. Yesterday it looked like they were setting up for a surf contest. The sky is very clear and blue. A beautiful day to work in the yard or get out and do something.  Until tomorrow…


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  1. jenquest said, on November 9, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    Depends of course what your message is. To me it says, hanging watering can. It’s got the beginnings of a very fine image. Just requires a little play with in an image editing program such as Gimp, Paint Shop Pro or of course Photoshop.

    I’ve put a version of it up on my site with your credit still in place. Let me know if you would like it removed and/or explanation of what I did.

    Thanks and take care.

  2. Rick said, on November 9, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Ok, so you say this one does not work, why not continue to work on it and see if you can post one that does work. Of course not all images will work and sometimes you just have to throw in the towel and admit it was a bad idea.

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