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Macro, Back-Lit Photograph

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on November 7, 2008

I have been reading about macro photography and back lit photography on the web. I have macro filters that I like to use on occasion and have gotten some interesting results. The back lit part I have not seriously tried, except when it has been unavoidable. I was trying to photograph a leaf that Willie found but it was too windy outside. Maybe I will try again later. In the meantime, I used my +4 filter with the sun back lighting a bronze and brass copy of an ancient artifact from the Getty Villa.  I really like the way the sunlight bounces off the edges to almost outline the image. The lens flare looks like something in a microscope.


One idea for back-lit, macro photography….

I would like to have more of an audience for my Weblog. I believe that my photography is good (the majority of it) and I would like to receive feed back on it. I know there are just some snapshots here that are nothing special, but I do take this very seriously and I want to convey something good and useful to others. I want to feed people into my web site ( and hopefully get some photography work. Anyone in Southern California need a photographer for something? 



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