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Looks Like a Patriotic Sunset

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on November 5, 2008

Yesterday I said in my post that I would try to come up with a patriotic photograph for today.  Well, I think I accomplished that with this sunset photo. Willie was in the backyard getting the barbque ready for dinner and he had me come out to look at the sunset and some birds in the sky. I grabbed my camera and went out the front door. I am happy with the results. There is red, white and blue right there in the sky and it is as political as I am going to get!


For our new President-elect….

I have put all of my photos in monthly galleries. If you look in the sidebar, you will see the galleries for September and October. It’s a fast way to look for a particular photo you want to see or if you just want to see the photos and not read all my ramblings. My object is to say a little about the photographs I take and a little about what else I am doing. Tonight is the first quarter phase of the moon. I don’t think I will bore you with another set of photos of the moon.  But, who knows…?



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