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Vintage Auto Racing Association

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on November 2, 2008

Early yesterday morning we went to a Vintage Auto Racing Association Car Show in Irvine, CA. They call it “Coffee and Cars,” and have it every week-end. This is my nephew Geoff’s car, an MG Midget. He has been a member of this club for three years and has won a few championships. He is carrying on the Monise tradition of auto racing like his father and grandfather before him. My other brother used to race motorcycles. I guess racing is in the blood! Check out the link to Frank Monise Motors under Business Referrals to the right. You can learn more there.

Vintage MG Midget Driven by Geoff Monise

Vintage MG Midget Driven by Geoff Monise

There are many more images of different cars on my web site. Please go look at them – I think you will enjoy and appreciate these vintage autos. The link will take you to the “What’s New” page. We had dinner at Larry and Shelley’s last night – always a good time. The day began very early and ended very late! The dogs are not too happy because they have been alone a lot. Kyla loves Willie so much. He just walked out the front door and she came into my room here and cried!  She wants him to take her with him whenever he goes out the front door!



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