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A Very Prickly Pear

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on October 29, 2008

I went to the Shipley Nature Center yesterday morning at the west side of Central Park. The park is divided east and west by Goldenwest Street. They have trails you can walk on to go around the center. They also sell plants and books and things like that. They have naturalists who work there and visit to give lectures and they also have school kids come on field trips.  It was very dry there since it is the end of summer. I could not find their little lake! I took a few photographs and here is one of them.

A Scary Prickly Pear Plant

A Scary Prickly Pear Plant

The purple flowers are very pretty. As you can see, there is no fruit right now. I would not want to fall into it! I am sure they warn the kids to be careful. We are planning on going up to Olvera Street later today if it does not turn too hot. My friend Carol will be going with us. Hopefully we can make it to Philippes for lunch! The trip is planned for taking photographs. We should get a lot of good ones, which I will share with you! 



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