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My Brave Little Girl

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on October 25, 2008

Kyla conquered a big fear yesterday. We have two sets of french doors in our living room and one of the sets has been blocked with stuff stacked up on the patio.  Well, we made that door accessable since Larry helped us last week.  Kyla would not come into the house through this door and even Moo Moo’s would not bribe her!  Well, I put a leash on her and brought her through the door many times (with a treat of course). It worked and she will now use that other door.  Donnan had no problem with the door.  I do not know what her fear was, but she conquered it and I am so proud of her!

My Sweet Little Kyla

My Sweet Little Kyla


I love my Kyla and my Donnan so much. I think we are going to go up to the mountains on Saturday. We have a cabin in Green Valley Lake.  Last year at this time there were fires in Green Valley Lake and the firemen had to vacate the town. We thought all was lost, but our cabin is still standing! Larry and Shelley will be up there and we will have a lot of fun. Larry said they want to take the canoe out on the the lake and that they are having an Octoberfest and a haunted house for kids at the Community Center. I will share some photos.  It will be a fun day and evening if we decide to go.  (Update: we did not go)



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