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Oh, The Yellow Rose of …?

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on October 19, 2008

This rose bush is growing in my backyard. It produces beautiful yellow roses, don’t you think?  Larry was over yesterday and we got a lot done in the garage and the backyard. I didn’t have much time to plan a photograph to shoot. It was a nice day yesterday. Kyla and Donnan like Larry and they behaved very well. Larry has told us in the past that they are out of control, he didn’t say that yesterday!

Lovely Rose

Lovely Rose

I still have several boxes of my mother’s things stacked up in my living room. Aside from the eyesore they create, it is difficult for me to go through them and get rid of things. I feel that if it was important to my mother to have in her small home, who am I to get rid of it?  Larry put a few of the boxes in the garage and said I have six months to go through them or he will do it and get rid of stuff.  Is that fair? 



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