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My Scary, Ferocious Donnan!

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on October 9, 2008

Donnan was barking at me so loudly with his tail sticking straight up!  I guess he did not want his picture taken! I was trying to get a photo of Kyla and Donnan together, but they were not cooperating.  Willie was not around to help me control them – but this is a cute photo of Donnan.  He has a little sun shining on him and that looks pretty. He looks like he has a little red hair like Kyla. Red hair on a Wheaten is a real no no, according to AKC rules! Update: no change in his growth. 

A Mad Wheaten Terrier

A Mad Wheaten Terrier

My new tripod and ball head arrived. Willie played around with them a little.  I need to read the booklet to make sure I understand everything. Couldn’t be that difficult! I also got a new Lightroom 2 book – great program and I want to learn more and more! For your information, there is a live camera feed at the Huntington Beach Pier. You can move the camera around and see the waves, the shore and the pier.  Pretty cool! Have you checked out “go to random blog” yet? – should do it! Hot here yesterday – 80°+.



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