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Tools of the Trade…?

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on October 7, 2008

Willie found these old rusty wrenches while doing some cleaning in the yard. He says they are usable after a good cleaning. I hope he is right!  I have decided to photograph the things that are in my environment. I thought they would make an interesting photograph and I was right. I had a busy day yesterday but not doing the things I had planned on doing. Have you ever clicked on the go to random blog button?  Try it!

Pipe and Crescent

Pipe and Crescent

I had to take my little boy Donnan (wheaten terrier) to the veterinarian yesterday. You can see his photo at 9/365. He has a growth or tumor on his back and we are supposed to monitor it for one month then take him back and decide about surgery or not. He was very good and very brave.  I know he will be fine.  We really get attached to these little guys don’t we?  Willie stayed home with Kyla and he said she was very anxious the whole time we were gone. Enough of that – he will be fine!



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