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Central Park, Huntington Beach

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on October 3, 2008

Yes, we have a Central Park in Huntington Beach. It is very beautiful and we often go there to walk the dogs, along with many other people!  I chose this view of the park because it has a lot of depth. I want the viewer to be drawn in to the image and wonder what is going on back there.  It is a very large park and there are always a lot of people.

Central Park in Huntington Beach

Central Park in Huntington Beach

The weather did cool down some yesterday, but it is still pretty warm. The park is a nice place to go with all the shaded areas and the ocean breeze. The dogs like it because there are alot of other dogs plus the usual squirrels, bunny rabbits and ducks when there is water in the lakes. There hasn’t been much water the last couple of years so most of the ducks, swans, etc. have gone to other parks where there is more water.  Now, for tomorrow…



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