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Two Adorable Terriers

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on October 2, 2008

Let me introduce you to Catey (Cairn Terrier) and Ali (Border Terrier).  There are two other pictures of them on my website under Animals, etc.  I believe I told you a little story about Ali a few weeks ago – she is the one who got the piece of soap stuck in her mouth!  The dogs are about the same age as our Kyla and Donnan – Ali almost two and Catey almost three. The four of them have never met! Maybe one day – we talk about it!

Adorable Catey and Ali

Adorable Catey and Ali

Catey and Ali live with my friend Carol and her husband in Laguna Niguel. As I took this photo, they were waiting for Carol to give them a treat. She had their total attention! I thought it was hot two days ago; it was worse yesterday. It was HOT here in Huntington Beach and I do not think it will get any better for a few days.  Just when you think summer is over it pulls you back in!  Anyway, aren’t they cute little dogs?  Very sweet too! 



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