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What Kind of Geranium is This?

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on October 1, 2008

I looked around yesterday afternoon for the name of this geranium – on the internet and in some books I have.  I could not find the name. I just think it is very pretty and I think of a candy cane whenever I see it. It is right outside my back door so I see it many times each day.  If anyone knows what it is, could you please let me know?

What Is This Beautiful Flower?

What Is This Beautiful Flower?

Carol and I went looking at tripods and heads yesterday.  She bought a great set – the same ones I want to get but I will order mine online.  Hopefully, I can save some money and I am always for saving money! I told her my next purchase will be a pocket wizard. She was not sure what that was and the salesman at Samy’s said to expect a price increase very soon. It was fun shopping together and going out to lunch. It was very warm yesterday – you could say hot – especially in Santa Ana and Costa Mesa where we were shopping.  It was 86 in HB at 5:00 P.M!


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