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White Orchid – Round Two

Posted in Photography by Bridget Casas on September 22, 2008

Doesn’t this orchid look beautiful in back and white? I wanted to show you how much this orchid has changed in the two weeks since I first photographed it (4/365).  I like the black and white very much; it almost has an infrared look to it. Looks like if I had waited one more day a fifth flower would have opened! Well, I like presenting it this way.

Blooming White Orchid

Blooming White Orchid

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Huntington Beach.  I was up late last night watching the Emmy awards.  I am very grateful for my DVR and we very, very seldom watch live TV.  I am a fan of television, but not commercials.  I don’t really have time to add any new shows to my watch list. I won’t bore you with the homework, etc. I did yesterday.  Even I am getting tired of hearing it.  Maybe my life is too boring to have a weblog.  Oh, well – I enjoy the photography and that is why I do it!



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