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Two Homeless Ducks

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on September 20, 2008

These two ducks have been in my backyard for over six months.  They move around from place to place and have not been able to find a permanent home and settle in.  They do not bother us or the dogs and we think they are kind of cute.  They don’t seem to like being stuck in a corner. One day they will find their place; they have a lot to choose from.  My advice, stay away from the dogs!

Two Homeless Ducks

Two Homeless Ducks

I realize this photo is not showing any real photographic talent, it is just a photo taken in my backyard.  However, I wanted to share the ducks with you.  It was a beautiful day yesterday. It almost felt like there were some Santa Anas starting up. Makes it feel like Fall –  I love that feeling. We will see what today brings. There is always updating my website, this blog, doing math and working on some Flash homework.  I guess I could throw in some housework.  My life is so exciting!



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