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Trees at GWC

Posted in Photography, School by Bridget Casas on September 12, 2008

At Golden West College there are some very old and very beautiful trees.  On the east side of campus as you drive in.  I wanted to show this particular one in black and white so there would be no distractions for you, the viewer, caused by green grass, blue sky, etc. Look in the background on the left and you can see a few more.  They are all in a row.  The roots on the surface are what originally caught my eye and made me want to photograph them.  Pretty incredible, huh?



Flash class was good last night.  I spoke with my instructor about my website  and he said it looks real good (  He made some suggestions to get me up to the top in search engines.  He also teaches an advance web design class so I will take that class next semester. I feel really good about everything I am doing right now. Life is wonderful! 



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  1. Enjoyer of the Journey said, on September 12, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    Beautiful picture!! Keep up the amazing work!!

    Jeni –

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