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Isn’t He Handsome?

Posted in Family, Photography by Bridget Casas on September 11, 2008

This is my handsome little boy Donnan.  I showed you Kyla yesterday and said I would take a photo of Donnan sometime later.  Well, I felt it was a little unfair so he got his photo taken yesterday.  Like a typical boy, he was unable to stay out of the dirt and grass to stay clean – he can be mischievous! He is very sweet and very smart and behaves very well. We got him at 8 weeks old and he will be two in November.  His eyes are brown with amber and his hair is very  blond.  It is hard to take a photo of just one of the dogs – they are always together!

Handsome Boy Donnan

Handsome Boy Donnan

Anyway, I have probably given you more information than you ever wanted!  I need to prepare for my Flash class tonight. The instructor said he will discuss my website with me.  I told him I would like some constructive criticism. He has designed websites professionally for about 12 years, so I respect his opinion.  I received an email yesterday from a very dear friend who has been going through some hard times.  We are going to get together next week and I am so excited to see her! Another friend is moving out of state next week and we are getting together for lunch on Friday.  She is a very talented artist.  At least we have the Internet to stay in touch!



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